What Is Your Favorite Laundry Soap?


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Rachele Grover answered
I love to use the Arm & Hammer because I have a septic system and I personally think that this detergent is better for it.
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Cheer and downy scented. We also use fabric softeners, as there is a huge static problem in the winter here.
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Pamela Krueger answered
I like liquid Purex because it cleans my clothes really good and it's very inexpensive.
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David MrBucky
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Excellent. I also use inexpensive detergent because why spend more for minor cleaning improvement. UNLESS you have mighty dirty little kids, then the name brands will probably clean that extra dirt better.
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I use Tide, I guess because my mom always used Tide.
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Arm & Hammer all the way. Priced right and environmental friendly.
Arm & Hammer Essentials makes clothes soft with no additional softener because it is coconut plant based instead of petrol based like most other detergents.
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I think Tide is the very best, however it is expensive. My next choice is Gain, and then Surf.
If you're washing baby clothes, use Ivory Snow. It is gentle and not so harsh on baby clothes.

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