What Colour Is Mauve?


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Mauve is a pale color that is related to purple in the color spectrum. It is often referred to as a cross between lavender and lilac.

• Naming of the color

A chemist called Sir William Henry Perkin named the color in 1856. The color is often classed as a dirty pink, and another name for the color is mallow. This is named after the wildflower known as the mallow.

• Mauve Stingers

There is a species of jellyfish known as Mauve Stingers. They are known as this because of their coloring. The species is found in all warm waters around the world including the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The correct name of these jellyfish is Pelagia noctiluca. The jellyfish can also be different colors such as yellow or light brown.

• Cultural references

William Henry Perkin wrote a book called 'The Mauve Decade'', which was about the popularity of the color in fashion circles in the 1890s. Another book to contain the color in its title is 'Beyond the Mauve Zone', which was published in 1966 by Kenneth Grant. This book explains that the zone is one that has only been visited by magicians and wizards. The British television series 'Doctor Who' referenced the color and referred to it as the universal color of danger, except for the planet Earth where the color recognized as the color of danger is red.

The color is often mistakenly called taupe, and although the two colors are similar, mauve is more similar to lavender or lilac.
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Mauve is from purple family and is of light grayish purple color. It is like to violet and lilac. This color is associated with royalty and formal ceremonies. It looks very eligant and graceful on ladies. If you want to look at this color then click here.

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