How do I make Diwali decoration for the home and office?


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As Diwali is the festival of lights there are various innovative ways that you can decorate your home and office. Here are a few vibrant ways of making your home and office look beautiful on the special day of Diwali.

1. Lamps

Many people in India traditionally use little lamps called 'diyas' which hold candles in it and you can buy these lamps online.  These lamps come in a variety of bright colours which you could place on windowsills or on top of your mantelpiece or in safe areas of your office such as on window ledge or on a table. 

You need not buy lamps as you can make them from home buy using clay, paint and a tea light.  You can decorate your clay lamps with brightly coloured paints, glitter or sparking mirrors to make them more attractive and light a small tea light candle in the middle.

2. Rangoli ( sand paint designs)

You can make rangoli brightly coloured sand paint designs and have them in your garden on a stoned floor or make designs and paint them on a piece of paper and have it pinned up in your office. Rangoli provides colour and vibrancy to the festival of Diwali and is extremely popular in India.

3. Garlands

You can use garlands in a variety of colours to decorate your home or office. You can either buy garlands online or you can make fresh garlands using a collection of flowers that you can string together and hang up. You can even use bright coloured tinsel if you cannot get garlands to decorate your house or office.

4.  LED Lights

A very popular decoration on Diwali is the use of lights. You can choose to use LED lights and hand them up around your home or office to create the spirit of 'light' which is what Diwali stands for.

5. Fragrant Candles

You can leave the room smelling like roses whilst decorating it with fragrant candles. You may want to try getting a candle holder and painting it with your own designs keeping in the spirit of Diwali by using vibrant, bright colours.

These are just a few ways that you can decorate your home or office on the festival of Diwali. I hope all those who are celebrating have a happy and prosperous Diwali and can decorate their homes or offices vibrantly on the festival of lights.

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You can also use string lights for the decorations, they are cheap and affordable. I am using these lights in bedroom,  just to create my fantasy.

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