How Can You Decorate Cornice Boards?


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To decorate a cornice board, first of all you have to install the draperies. Once you have installed the draperies, you simply have to measure out how much projection and clearance you require for the cornice. The next step is to measure out how wide the cornice needs to be so that it covers the rod.

It would be sufficient to just allow about half an inch of clearance between the draperies and the cornice. It must be made sure that the top of the drapery is well-hidden. To hide the top of the drapery, you could request someone to hold the board and then stand back to see how low you need the board to be. It is better if the bottom edge of the board overlaps the top of the drapery by at least three inches or so. A short space must be maintained between the stacked back draperies and the valence.
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I am trying to mount a cornice board directly to a door with blinds. Since it cannot just hang on top of the L brackets wondered if you know of a way to make the cornice attatch.

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