How Do You Clean Hairdressing Scissors?


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Health professionals recommend a hygienic way to clean blades and scissors used in health care or hairdressing. You should discard single-use disposable clipper blades into a designated sharps container after a single use. Make sure that everyone in your shop is aware of where disposed blades are stored and keep them out of reach to prevent accidents. That way, you can safely dispose the blades later.

Between customers, you should clean hairdressing scissors and clippers with detergent and warm water. Then dry them thoroughly and wipe them with an alcohol swab.

For home use, you might want to clean your scissors in the dishwasher. Alternatively, you can soak them in hot water and dish detergent. Rinse and dry. To sterilise, use an alcohol swab. Leaving scissors soaking in water or wet for too long can cause them to rust - although many scissors have a special coating to prevent this.
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Never use detergent to clean your scissors !!

Cleaning Instructions

• Wipe hair and dirt from blades with a cloth or a tissue
• If there is a build up of hair products on your scissors, wash them with HOT water.
• Use surgical spirits to sterilize them, do not use detergent.
• Once clean, dry scissors with a clean cloth or tissue

Many colour, perming and comb sterilising solutions are corrosive and can damage the blades permanently. These hairdressing chemicals should be immediately removed using Surgical Spirits..
• We only recommend using Excellent Edges Camellia Scissor Oil. Do not use Clipper or Machine Oil under any circumstances
• Fully open scissors and apply a small drop of oil to insides of blades and balance faces which is located behind the centre screw
• Spread the oil evenly along the blades with a tissue and remove any excess oil

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