How Do You Sharpen Scissors?


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You can use a grinder but a file is the best, just file the blades along the same angle as the factory has them filed.
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While I would recommend taking them to a professional (it's relatively inexpensive) I see that you are in the DIY section. I have cut sandpaper with my scissors before. I've also used a whetstone. ..kinda tricky regarding care instructions. You can purchase a whettstone at your local hardware store and they can guide you on how to use it.
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Thanks Cabrunet. I have a whetstone, but these are kitchen shears, and not scissors per say. So I may have to go to the knife shop, it's just kindda far from me.
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There and jigs and shapening tools that include a stone and will hold the blade at precisely the correct angle.  I haven't used a file on the blades of *any* of mine yet.  I did use a file on the burr on a pivot once though, to un-sharpen it.

Compare sharpening cost to that of junk kitchen scissors at a Dollar Store or similar.  Cheap scissors won't to really good, but you won't need to deal with super-cleaning them either.  Kitchen shears get BAD fast, even with running them through the dishwasher unless the blades can be routinely separated for cleaning.

Added material:
Ace Hardware and other places have a nice tool for this:
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These are a very nice pair of kitchen shears. They are about the equivalent of a Wusthoff, or henkel is in a kitchen knife. I would never buy my kitchen knives at the dollar store and these are just too nice to throw away. Oh and they do separate easily and I never wash a good blade in the dishwasher.

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