How To Grow Butternut Squash?


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Butternut squash can be grown by directly sowing the seeds in to the garden, however the sowing has to be done sometime in late spring, cover these seeds with ½ or ¾ inches of fine soil. These seeds can also be planted in individual peat pots if you plan to grow them indoors. The spacing of these seed if growing in a garden has to be done around 4 inches apart. This way a bunker will have at least 6 to 8 seeds. When the butternut squash plants grow up to 4 inches tall, very carefully thin or transplant these plants to 3 very health plants per bunker. During the time of Germination make sure that the quality of the soil is moderately moist. Germination also depends the warmth of the soil.
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Can I plant my butternut squash plants in a large patio pot, and how many plants to a pot. Does it have to be peat soil, or can I use grow bag soil?

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