When Is The Best Time To Plant My Tomato & Pepper Plants?


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When it comes to planting seeds, it all depends on where you intend to plant them. Are you wishing to grow them inside on your windowsill or in a back room? Or do you want to grow them outside in a vegetable garden or a greenhouse with other plants?

If you planted the seedlings outside then they should flourish well in mid April. The thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to planting seeds outside is if your area is prone to particularly strong storms or weather conditions. If you think there is a storm coming or if a hard spell of rain is on the way, then you should consider covering them temporarily with some tarpaulin or a sheet, then just take it off as soon as you can after the storm has passed. If you don't do this then you risk doing some serious damage to your seedlings.

Seedlings that have been grown inside in a greenhouse then all you need to do is give them a bit of direct sunlight everyday and they will grow well on their own as long as you give them a spray everyday. This method is best for watering when your plants are just seedling as it makes sure that you get the soil moist enough for them to benefit whilst avoiding over watering.

If you have grown your seedlings inside then you need to make sure that your seedlings are adjusted accordingly to the outside temperature by putting them outside in mid to late May because they will be more tolerant to frost.

Tomato seeds should be planted at the time of year when the temperature at night stays about 55 degrees Celsius. Pepper seeds should be planted during the end of the Spring season around mid to late May when the temperature at night stays around 60 degrees Celsius.
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It really depends on if the plants were started under artificial light,greenhouse, or the old fashioned outside in the shade method.if the seedlings were started outside then they should be fine in mid april just watch for mild storms or winds. As for the greenhouse plants give them a little bit of direct sunlight each day and they should be fine besides like I said before about the storms. But the inside seedlings need to be slowly adjust as well as put out at mid to late may because they are frost tolerant. These are just my thoughts and experiences from a wv weekend farmer
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I SWEAR by, and ALWAYS go by the Blum's Farmer's Almanac...and the best time to set out tomato plants is between the New Moon and First Quarter in&tbsp;the sign of Cancer, it's the most fruitful sign. The beginning of cancer is best. This almanac has never let me down, my parents and their parents farmed by it. I am setting mine out tomorrow (May 10), this is the sign of Cancer and 1st sign of Cancer as well.
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Tomato plant should be planted at the time when the night temperature stays above 55 degrees. You should plant it when the sun is not so bright i.e during evening or night. On the other hand Pepper plants should be planted during end of Spring season or mid to late May. When the temperature is above 60 degree F.
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When to plant tomatoes in houston Tx.
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I'm in Oklahoma, I plant when they start selling them in the stores. If an unexpected freeze comes, you replant if it doesn't, you are ahead.
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From which country you are just plant in season only as your country season every country have season for their plantation
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Really depends on were you live your zone.  It is best to know your zone you can do this on line.  Tomatoes love heat, sun, and water.  They don't tolerate really too hot either.  I live in Fl. And this is the time for our tomatoes now, our crop is really quite a bounty.  I have been eating tomatoes for about a month now.  Its nothing as good as a ripe tomatoe out of your garden.  When you are growing them inside don't put them in the ground right away.  Leave the plants in semi shade for a few days so they can adjust to the heat of a sun which they are not use of being inside.  Its like us getting a sun tan, you don't want to burn.  If you want to put in the ground where their home is going to be, then cover them like a tent for a day or two. If not growing by seed, well a large developed plant is so much easier to start with.  Somewhat expensive if you are putting in many.  We all know that they need plenty of water as well till they get established.  Up North its usually after the full moon in May, well thats what I heard.  In Fl. Its now and our growing season is really late fall, our 90degree humid, hot days of summer present lots of fungus at times.  So, it is a little of good judgement, and trail and error.  Get a strain of tomotoes that grow best in your area, and disease reistance.  Your internet is also a great tool as you know.  Good Growning   Joanie
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Now is the best time to do that. Keep them warm, don't put them outside if you live in Alaska, except during the day, temperature permitting. As it may still freeze out at night. Good luck.

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