How To Grow Silver Queen Corn?


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Growing silver corn is quite easy and if you want to grow the plant in your home, you can do it even at your home garden. But one thing that is specific to this variety of corn is that it takes a longer time to grow than the other varieties; it takes ninety-two days to reach to its maturity.

To sow the plant you will have to provide a gap of about one inch and the space that you should give between the rows is about six inches. After sowing, it requires regular interval of watering but the water must not stay at the roots of the plants as it may harm them. The precautions that are required is that you have to save your crop from crows and squirrels and will have to use a few drops of mineral oil to save it from insects.

If you follow the process, you will find that your labour bears the fruit and in approximately three months, you have the crop that will give you immense joy.

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