How Do You Replace A Bathtub Drain?


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It's not very difficult to replace one of these once you have the right tools. It can however be very disgusting. You will need a pair of gloves, some plumber's putty, a tub drain remover or a drain key and a replacement drain. You can also use a mug, some water, a rag, a brush and some acid or drain cleaning fluid. Put the gloves on for hygiene's sake and use the drain remover to pull the old drain out. If the cross hairs are broken and the old drain is damaged you will need a drain key to remove the old one. This little beauty can cost anywhere between thirty and forty dollars. Once the old drain is removed clean the area with the rag removing any waste you can reach. Pour down the drain cleaning fluid, leave it for a couple of minutes and flush some water down. Finally put the new drain into place.
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There is an access panel directly behind the tub! you can get at everything there.
Use plumber putty instead of the tub gasket. Roll it like a snake anput it in place.
Clean up up the excess with rag!
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