How Do You Use Anti Freeze?


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Antifreeze is a substance which is put in to a solvent, for instance water, in order to lower the freezing point of the solvent. It is important to consult your local mechanic before attempting to use antifreeze which is highly toxic.

In general you would need to mix the antifreeze with distilled water at one part antifreeze to every part water. Doing so will give you freeze prevention down to roughly minus 34 degrees in addition to boil-over fortification up to about +265 degrees. It is important not to use pure antifreeze in your cooling system if the mixture doesn't have a minimum of 30 percent water.

Typically you will find Antifreeze is put in water which is in the cooling system of a given internal-combustion engine. This is done such that it is able to cool below 32 degrees F, without the water actually freezing. Some of the important uses of anti-freeze for your engine cooling system are preventing corrosion, preventing vibration damage, averting overheating and of course preventing freezing.
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Can I use antifreeze for a outdoor water garden with about 400 gallons of water?  If so, how much do I need to use to prevent it from freezing.  I will use RV antifreeze that is environmentally safe, but am not sure of the ratio usage of water to antifreeze.  Please respond.
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From the e-how site.Make sure that the engine is cool. The antifreeze in a hot engine is under pressure and sever scalding can result.
Step 2Locate the radiator drain cock located at the bottom of the radiator. The drain cock will look like a bow tie and is approximately 1inch in length.
Step 3Open the radiator drain cock by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.
Step 4Once the radiator has finished draining, open the radiator cap located at the top of the radiator.
Step 5Close the drain cock by turning it in a clockwise direction.
Step 6Fill the radiator with a 50 percent concentration of ethylene glycol antifreeze and water. Many pre-mixed antifreeze products are available at automotive stores. Do not fill the radiator with plain water or an alcohol-based product.
Step 7Install the radiator cap by turning it in a clockwise direction.
Step 8Start the engine and wait for the engine to reach normal operating temperature. This will allow the antifreeze to circulate through the engine.
Step 9When the engine is cool again, open the radiator cap and fill the radiator again with the same concentration described in step 6.
Step 10Reinstall the radiator cap.

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