How Do You Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing?


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There are many answers to this

If the pipes are in an area that is not insulated then you can wrap them with insulation avaialble at big box stores like Lowes or HomeDepot

If it is a faucet let it trickle

If it is outside the house also let the water trickle
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Brookstone catalog sells insulated covers for outdoor faucets (little drawstring bags) - great!
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The pipes under my parents house are wrapped in foam...
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For pipes that are exposed directly to the cold you can wrap  them with preformed foam wrap that is sealable....for pipes that are inside the walls you can use expandable foam can also buy special faucets made so they will not freeze except in  extreme the other blurter states  you can usually get them at lowe's,home depot or a plumbing supply shop...
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I keep them full of tobacco and I light them often.
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Funny girl! I had a similar thought. Then I was thinking about typing an answer that involved HRT as a possible solution :) but decided against. :) love ya

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