How Do You Join Copper Water Pipe?


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There are few different ways of joining copper water pipes. One of the methods is by Compress fitting. This method is used at the points where it is difficult to solder or you might have to open the fittings further. In a compression fitting, you would find three part Compression rings, nuts and seat.  

In this type of fitting, you need to remove all the burrs from the inner as well as outer part of the pipes. Now you are supposed to fit the nut at the edge of the pipe. And also slide the ring and fit it tightly. You need not use thread because it already exists in the edge of the Compression rings/ fitting.
All you have to do is attach the Compression ring to the seat, with the help of compression nuts. Make sure that the fitting is tight enough to hold the pipes together. Use some Teflon tape at the area where you find any leakage.    
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