How Much Roundup Do You Mix To A Gallon Of Water?


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You can check the back of the label on the Roundup bottle to see how much you need to use to mix with a gallon of water. Some people do find it confusing to understand, as it usually gives the measurements for spraying one acre of land. However, the instructions on the label should not be totally disregarded as they are legal requirements. Always check the laws in your state before guessing about how much product you can mix with water and then spray on the land.

The amount of solution you use does depend on what type of weed you are going to use the product on, though. In general it should be around 1.5 to 2oz per one gallon of water, although some people have admitted on Internet forums that they sometimes use as much as 3oz.

Prior to spraying the solution, make sure there is no grass in the area, as Roundup will end up killing the grass too if it comes into contact with it. This could end up permanently damaging land that could be used to grow crops or flowers. Another good idea is to use some marker dye in the solution, as you are then able to see the areas you have already sprayed and do not risk spraying too much solution in the same place.

If you are still unsure of how much to use, ask a local gardening or horticultural expert for their advice, or check with friends and family to see how much they would mix in per one gallon of water.
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To 24 gallon tank how much product do I use for weeds that are 12" such as chickweed

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