If A Lawn Mower Has 158 Cc How Much Horse Power Does It Have ?


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4 to 6 depending on the carburetor.
For most B&S engines today 1 HP for every 20cc

If it's a smaller mower, say a 19" deck,  then 4 HP.
If you have a bigger 22" 3 in 1 machine with a lot of torque then you're going to have 5 to 5.5

I had a 3.5hp B&S lawn mower that lasted 15 years.  I don't know how many cc, but, comparing the engines of the old 3.5hp and new 158cc I bought, they look about the same bulk.
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4.86153 horse power.

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cc displacement (cubic centimeter size of engine) divided by 16 divided by 2

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