What Happens When You Mix Glue With Laundry Detergent?


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It creats a solution that is both a liquid and a solid. Try mixing somthing like corn starch and water, and put it in a bowl. If you try slowly puting your hand in there, it feels like water, but if you try yanking it out or punching it, its like a brick.
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You have to be more specific about what you mean by glue....detergent pellets used in washing clothes can be said to be held together by a glue or bonding agent...a mix that can be manufactured into pellets by pressing together the ingredients...regular household kids glue(non toxic) and dry powder detergent(borax) mixed together, I would say it would make some kind of gummy messy glop if water was added to it...I would rather use a huge batch of corn starch and a couple hundred gallons of water like on the tv show numbers when they mixed up a batch and then(charlie) ran across it ...when it is hit or struck it is a solid but when you just touch it thats's when it is a liquid like pancake batter thickness....that is about all I know,later

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