How To Fit A Loft Hatch Door Flush To The Ceiling With Swing Down Hinges?


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Installing a loft hatch is quite an easy task to do if you have all the right tools and skills. Before you begin, make sure that the location of your hatch door will be between the main beams of your ceiling. If you cannot avoid cutting through the main beams, then make sure you install supporting ones.
The easiest way to begin is to create a wooden frame the exact size and shape of what your hatch to be like. This will provide more support to the hatch once you install it into your ceiling. If you want to add a ladder to your hatch make sure that you attach it to the side with the most strength. Be sure to use strong long lasting screws.
If you are installing a loft hatch door and you want it to swing down towards you when you open it, then you need to buy specific hinges that allow you to do this. Ones that are recommended are piano hinges for the best. If you want the door to swing all the way backwards, then you should consider adding a couple of pieces of dowel sticking out of the ceiling behind it, with holes in the door to catch it when you secure it back. This will allow you to completely remove the door so that it does compromise the opening and reduce clearance.
When it comes to buying the materials, make sure that you speak to a member of staff at the hardware store. They will be able to give you the best advice regarding what tools are the best to use and other tips that may come in handy.
If you ever have any problems when you are fitting you loft hatch or you don’t think that you have secured it correctly, then you need to call in a professional. It may cost you but it will be safer in the long run to have it properly fitted.

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