I Have An Olive Green Sofa, Beige Walls. What Color Curtains Should I Buy?


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Billy Price Profile
Billy Price answered
A lighter shade of the sofa color would probably work.
Angel Riveiro Profile
Angel Riveiro answered
Sofa is gold/yello with flowers (deep red/gree/light borwn) wall are Coral in colour. I ahve to pick teh carpet or rug as well as the curtains. The sofa pillows are the same as the sofa fabric. I am getting so mipplows again. The Sosfa is traditional, please advise
Deemarcas Day Profile
Deemarcas Day answered
A lighter shade of the sofa.  Or if you have an accent color, like rust,or mauve, then that color.
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Anonymous answered
I would go for olive green curtains and throw in some beige and olive green scatter cusions and accessories to tie it all in

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