I Have Just Bought A Honey Beige Leather Sofa And Love Seat (light Tan) And I Have A Deep Burgundy Accent Chair And Burgundy Accents. What Color Should I Paint My Walls ?, The Walls Are Now A Warm Coca And It It Doesn;t Seem To Bring Out The Color Of


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Maybe a honey-color.  If you have a Lowe's near you, try Pottery Slip, it's a Martha Stewart color made by Valspar Signature.  If that color seems to "clash" with your sofa, take some samples home and try different ones taped to your wall.  I have the Pottery Slip in my home with Burgundy/rose shades and it's gorgeous.  It's really according to the hue of the sofa.  Hope this helps.
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Thanks so much I am off this weekend and wil check out lowes and I do have burgandy shades thanks again

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