Is There Anything We Can Use To Kills Worm Eggs From The Carpet?


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Long spaghetti worms are not tapeworms, they are hook worms or threadworms, which may require a different wormer than tapeworms.
I would hire a carpet steamer/cleaner and give all the carpets a good clean with that.. Wash your daughter's hands and your own before eating and do not worry too much about it - mankind has had internal parasites since the dawn of creation. If you think either of you could have worms then ask a doctor to test a sample of BM. It is easily treated. Your puppy has caught these worms from his mother, as all pups do. You did the right thing worming him, just do it regularly and don't let him scavenge outside.
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Aisha answered
It seems that your dog is infected with tape worms. If you intend to keep the dog, you must get it treated for worms. You can try home remedies like garlic and pumpkin seeds. These are known to cleans the dog's system from tape worms. You can sprinkle D.E. In your house on carpets. You can also use Borax Powder on your carpets that will kill the worms and their eggs.

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