How Do You Treat A Cut Tree Limb So The Rest Of The Limb Will Not Be Damaged?


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I'm assuming you're intending to not damage the main tree when the branch falls. First you make a partial cut on the UNDER side of the branch. This will act as a stop-cut that doesn't allow the falling branch from ripping bark and wood from the main tree. You must be careful not to make too deep of a preliminary under-cut which can bind your saw if the branch sags too much.
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John commented
I was going more for how to treat the end after you cut off the branch to stop further damage such as rot or bugs attacking the exposed end....i should have made it more clear in my question...thanks for answering...later
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Paint the exposed part to seal it. You can use polyurethane or just a can of spray paint.
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Excellent job there tam
Rena Chisholm
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Thank you, Tigg. This is what the citrus growers in our area do and I have seen it on the Home and Garden show. We use this method on our fruit trees also. Never had any problems with it.
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Hi nomad, sorry it took me so long, can you tell me what kind of tree this is?, then I can contact my son, and ask him, I don't know about spray paint. We don‘t do that kinds of stuff, but if you our going to do it yourself, let me know, you can also get a tree trimmer and get a free est. And fro there you can start asking questions, , so then you will know what you need to do. Janet
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If I cut a branch off a hedge do I hae to apply some kind of chemical to help the hedge heal?
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