A Slogan "A Tree For Each Child" Is Under Which Programme?


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The slogan "A tree for every child” refers to the Environmental Protection Program. Specifically, it involves reforestation. Many environmental organisations borrow this idea for their reforestation education programmes. Agroforestry Centre and International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance encourage this programme because it is beneficial to their efforts. These organisations go into developing countries throughout the world and help the locals improve their environmental conditions. The focus of both of these organizations is on plants and agriculture, but they get involved in other environmental activities.

The "A tree for every child” idea was applied to the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance’s project in Mali. It was taught in the local schools, and only trees native to the region were used (foreign trees usually require more water than native species.) The committee worked with students, teachers/administrators, and parents to encourage the planting of a tree for every child in the village. The result was 1,646 surviving trees. The trees bear fruit, so it also is a food source. The children were given responsibility for looking after the tree they planted. It allowed the children to take personal responsibility for the survival of their tree. The committee was also able to harvest rainwater to be used for agriculture.

The World Agroforestry Centre has done work with the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance in India. Their work has accomplished similar goals to those in Mali. They went to nine different villages to talk to students, teacher, and parents. While there, they taught the locals how to harvest rainwater to help against the droughts. They planted nearly 13,000 trees for the children to look after.  As you can see, the "A Tree for Each Child” concept has been adopted by other environmental programs. It has been a great way to educate about reforestation and has been instrumental in helping the environment.

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