Is It Better To Wash Dishes In Hot Water Or Warm Water?


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It is much better to wash dishes in hot water rather than warm water. This is because, although hot water does cost more than warm water, it is a lot more sufficient at killing germs and cutting through grease. In order to stop the hot water from burning your hands, you should always wear rubber gloves. They allow you to put your hands into hot water without burning yourself and that way your dishes get cleaner!
Another reason why hot water is generally better is because you do not have to change the water as frequently as you would with warm water. This is because grease builds up easier in warm water than it does in hot, and it often needs tipping away so you are not just wiping it back onto your plates.
So, overall hot water is definitely better and it keeps you healthier for longer! Just remember to wear gloves so you do not scold yourself.

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Hot water....cus it kills unseen germs and dishes dry faster....
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It is much better to wash dishes with warm water and soap. Remember to rinse the dishes afterwards This will help kill all the germs and clean grease on the dishes properly.

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