Would Soap Detergent Ruin A Dishwasher?


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  Dishwashers are counted among the top amenities in a modern home. It is a device to clean up soiled utensils and crockery. They can be found in homes, restaurants, and hotels easing off some of the job from the housekeeping department. However, one has to be careful not to use any washing liquid in a dishwasher. There are specific dishwashing liquids and detergents that should be used in a dishwasher. If a normal detergent or soap is used in a dishwasher, there will be too much foam generated which will leak from the dishwasher and create a mess. While putting these common soaps will not really spoil the dishwasher, but washing of utensils will not go to completion.

  If you accidentally add such a soap to the dishwasher, try to kill the foam by spraying some salt on it and immediately put the machine to drain cycle to get rid of the washing liquid.

  Dishwasher specific detergents contain complex phosphates, as they have several properties that aid in effective cleaning by removing deposits that come due to hard water. It also has bleaching agents, surfactants that are non-ionic, anti-corrosives, and 'low sudsing' soaps.

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