What do you think makes a home a home?


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A family makes the home a home, without your loved ones and the one you love, then the home is just a house.

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Lard Ass answered

The people inside the home, make the home. If the people inside the home love each other, then the building is of no matter.

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A home will be a home if there is love, respect and commitment among all the family members. And if you put God in the center of your relationship.

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Hi, According to me you need to add some family pictures to make a house feel like a home.

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dom smith answered

Neat and clean, good interior design and take care of the home will make the really a home. Family and love will also makes a home a home.

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Home is a place that everyone residing there are working for the betterment of those present. It is not a building , it is not a place, it is a state of mind and relationship.

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Alison Smith , Home Improver , answered

My friends!! You are exactly put a good question here, and there are some answers that are good. But my opinion is different when you set your home according to your life and there is no problem then it should be a beloved home.

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I would say it's the people. Without people, a home is just a house full of things. People give meaning to the items that go in the house and you can tell when there is life and love in a building.

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