How Do You Build A Truck Box For Two 12's?


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A truck box is designed to hold your camping equipment, tools and guns. It is about four feet long and can easily be loaded onto the bed of an open pick-up truck. It can also be chained or bolted to the bed of the truck, but this is optional. It is waterproof. It has a reinforced lid which can support a heavy weight when it is opened. It is also sturdy enough to be used as a table in the camp.
It is flexible and the interior of the truck box is divided into compartments for specific items. It is a wooden box which is made of 3/8th of an inch-long thick AA marine-grade plywood. The best truck boxes are made by using two coats of epoxy and reinforcing the interiors with a bead or fillet of epoxy. The corners of the exterior are rounded in shape and covered with fibreglass tape which is about two inches wide.
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Well man these other guys don't know what your talking about ... You will need a sheet of the thickest ply you can get take the ply and cut into enough sections th completely make your box then take your tape measure and measure the radios of the speaker for the holes take a air brad nail-er and tack all the corners together then about two or three on top bottom and sides

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