I Need A Plan For A Patio Cooler. It Is Made Of Wood And A Regular Ice Chest Fits Inside. It Has A Drain On The Outside That Fits Into The Cooler Drain, Can You Help?


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If you need a plan for your patio cooler, then there are several online sources I've checked out which can help you...

If you wanted to construct your own patio cooler from scratch and need some plans to work from, try one of the following:

  • (a portable version)
  • (made from free pallet wood)
  • (using recycled material)

If you've lost the plans that came with a cooler you already own, then you should first try looking on the website of the company who made your cooler, as most should provide a list if downloadable manuals. If you've no luck there, try or

You could also join one of the special DIY or outdoor furniture groups on an online community such as Pinterest. 

YouTube is a great place to look for help with any DIY project. Here's a tutorial on how to make a patio cooler:

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