How Do You Fit A Kaldewei Shower Tray?


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Kaldewei is the market leader in Europe for shower trays and steel enamel bathtubs. Recently it has introduced the brand new foot frame for shower trays. This means that the brand is armed with a novel installation aid which helps in fast and precise installation of quarter-circle shower trays. A detailed information of what is contained in the shower trays and how you can install it without a hassle is given in Kaldewei's instructions.

As you can see by reading the page, the only thing required is to adjust the feet to the height needed and then align the system horizontally. Once this is done, all you have to do is lay the shower tray on the top and install it. The custom-fit installation has just made you life easier! In case, you still feel that you are not able to install it, seek help from customer-service. The headquarters of Kaldewei is in Germany with branches in Canada and Australia. You can get help from Contact Page.

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