What Will Clean Smoke Out Of Leather?


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Fred Jones answered
They make several cleaners for leather that will remove all the tar and nicotine. I would suggest speaking to someone at a leather shop to see what they might have to deodorize while it cleans. Also, you will find that the smell has gone into the cushion materials of the couch so you will have to get underneath with deodorizers. It may take several treatments so you will have to weigh out how much it is worth to you.
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Arjun Mitra answered
It can be very annoying if you find your new leather furniture smelling of cigarettes. To remove the smell of cigarette off a leather chair you will have to first sprinkle the padding liberally with baking powder, and let it air in the sun if you can. Then you will have to spray the interior of the leather with a mix of real vanilla extract and water.

Another thing that you could do is that you could, buy an odour neutraliser. You get ones specifically made for neutralizing cigarette odour. These are very effective. Just buy them and spray them around your room or even on your leather chair. Don't worry about any stains as these sprays don't leave any. You won't get them everywhere but you could try every big departmental store near your house. You could even try hardware stores.

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