My Washing Machine Spins But Clothes Are Soaking Wet When Done, Why?


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It seems you are in trouble. The fact that the washing machine is spinning but not drying clothes shows that there is some problem with the outlet of water. The water outlet is blocked. You can check for the blockage yourself. Normally threads or other waste accumulate in the water outlet, and if possible you can remove it yourself. Otherwise call your washing machine's customer services center and ask them to send a repair man.
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It could be a blockage, as the other answer says, but also your pump may need replacing.
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My washing machine works fine the other cycles,but when it spin the agitator does spin and the clothes still have water in them but no water in tank.
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My Servis used to do that from a few weeks old! Engineers were sent out twice and god only knows what they replaced and billed Servis for, but it was never any better after each visit.

I looked at it myself after the wife had nagged me one time too many and you won't belive what it was.

A 5p coin stuck in the end of the outlet pipe were it connects to the u-bend/trap under the sink.

Removed the coin and spun/span like new again.

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