Help on decorating a room?


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Paint your bedroom yellow. Kitchen red, with stainless or black appliances and dark cabinets. Bathroom paint Mauve with a solid or matching flower shower curtain.

All items can be purchased from either Wal-Mart, Target and JCPenney.

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If you're talking about a bedroom, I think it's best to invest on pillows and rugs and blankets. Regarding color, it you want your room to look wider, paint it a light color i.e. Sky blur, baby pink, pale yellow, off white.

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Bees. Shove your room full of bees.

But actually how to decorate your room would depend on what kind of room it is. Kitchen? Living room? Bedroom? Generally I think posters or paintings are very nice; I have a lot in my room. I'm able to get some pretty neat art at the renaissance festival, so I'd recommend getting items there to decorate your room with if there's one near where you live. Festivals in general is a good place to get art. Posters might seem juivinaile, however.

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Decorate a room with confidence the following ideas -

  • Choose light furniture with simple lines.
  • Natural colours mixed with lighter shades of blue and green
    work well in a living area.
  • Use mirrors effectively.
  • Match the furniture to the scale of the room.
  • Choose multifunctional furniture.
  • Lighting is important in any room, use layer lighting.

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Yellow in kitchen, Most people use yellow color in the kitchen. Light Blue or Green is in the bedroom. Red or Orange is the perfect choice for living room area. For the Dining room, Green & Brown color is good according to me. I like these colors according to my taste, in my home use these color combination & it looks awesome. I hope this will helps you.

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