When Is The Best Time To Trim An Orange Tree?


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Barbara DeWalt answered
It's really up to you when you trim your orange tree. However, if you're interested in preserving the next crop, or are worried about winter frost, then there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind.

Pruning Without Losing Crop
Regardless of when you choose to prune your tree, you're going to get a smaller crop than you would if you left it alone.

However, pruning won't make a huge difference, and will make your tree healthier in the long run.

To keep as much of the next crop as possible, you should prune your tree after it produces fruit and before it produces flowers.

Pruning For Winter Safety
If you think that there's a cold winter coming up, and you're worried about how your orange tree will cope, then you're better off waiting until spring to prune it.

Ideally, you want your tree to have as much bulk and strength over the cold season as possible - think of the extra branches and leaves as a winter coat.

Pruning Indoor Trees
If you have a small orange tree growing indoors, it doesn't matter when you prune it. It's worth remembering that potted trees won't grow anywhere near as fast as planted trees, so you won't have to prune an indoor orange tree as often as you would an outdoor one.
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Rena Chisholm answered
In the Spring and only the lower branches. That is also a good time to fertilize, and again six months later.

We live in Florida, so we prune and fertilize in January. That way, it is easy for us to remember to fertilize again in July.

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