What Type Of Paint Do I Use For A Headstone?


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If you are looking to completely restore the stone headstone then you may well want to paint the whole headstone with a granite finish paint and then emphasise the lettering with an oil based paint. 

It is always best to choose an oil based enamel paint that is closest to the stone colour. But if you do decide to paint the whole stone, ensure the paint is a granite finish as this type of paint is made to protect porous materials from bad weather.

When painting the headstone, if you have decided on complete restoration, mask over the letters so that you don’t accidentally paint the letters the granite colours as this will make painting them in the oil paint later difficult. If you want a shimmering, sparkling finish you can purchase sparkle crystals which you can purchase separately. 

When painting with the granite finish, ensure you do smooth, vertical strokes from bottom to top to avoid drip marks. Allow to dry overnight and then apply a second coat if needed.  After the granite paint has dried apply fresh masking tape around the outside edge of the letters to avoid spattering or painting the new granite paint. Then slowly and carefully retrace the lettering on the tomb. 

One thing to bear in mind is that in some countries and areas you will need to get permission from the cemetery administration or the National Cemetery Preservation Commission in order for you to be able to clean and restore the headstone so look into this before purchasing and starting work on the stone.
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If it is a concrete stone you can clean the stone and then use an outdoor oil base paint with a brush NOT A SPRAY!!!. After it drys completly you should spray it all over with a "ClearCoat" sealer.
My husband painted a concrete birdbath for me several years ago,
using this method and it still to this day looks like new. You can use the cheap brand of AREOSAL "CLEAR COAT" sealer from Walmart. The trick with the paint is to get it in the holes of the concrete evenly so it doesn't start to peel again. My bird bath sets in the front yard in full sun everyday, no shade at all and we keep water in it as well. It has held up great over time, (since spring of 200) God Bless!!!
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Actually the paint you use is called Lithochrome. It's an industry standard in painting the engraved side of a monument
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I want to paint in the names of my great grandparents on their stones right now you can barely read the names would black be apropos for this task and then use a sealant

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