What Type Of Black Paint For Headstone Lettering?


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  • Restoring a headstone
If this is what you're looking to do then you're going to need to paint the whole headstone first with granite finish paint. The paint doesn't run and sticks to the stone perfectly, without flaking. It creates a gloss effect, too, providing you with a high quality finish that people would mistake for a brand new headstone. Instead of painting the letters on, however, it's best if you emphasis the lettering on top of the granite finish paint using oil based paint. There should already be an engraving in the stone so the paint will just let the engraving stand out that little bit more.

  • Some tips
It's always the best option to choose an oil based enamel paint that is the closest color to the color of the headstone - however, if you decide you want to paint the whole stone then you should make sure that you follow the above advice concerning granite finish paint. This allows the headstone to look new and also protects the stone from weathering and acid rain.

If you want some more information then you will probably find some more information out at your local hardware store. Simply ask one of the members of staff if anyone can help and you can be sure that they'll want to help you out.

When you finally get round to painting the head stone and you are doing a full restoration of the stone, you should cover the letters with something so that you do not cover them with the granite paint. This can make painting over the letters with oil at a later date really quite difficult. Use masking tape or some other material that you feel will work. The masking tape can simply be removed when you've finished painting.

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