What Type Of Paint Do I Use For A Grave Headstone?


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If paint was applied on a gravestone as an original feature, you should seek advice from a conservator before re-painting.
Generally gravestones should not be painted as this may harm the stone. However, if you do proceed with painting a gravestone, and it is made of granite, use a type of stone paint such as Lithichrome. Stone paint is specifically made to coat porous stone and also protects the stone from weathering. Make sure to choose stone paint that matches the current colour of the headstone. Black and white is the basic colours, but if the tombstone is brown or grey then get a paint chip to help with comparison.
Gently scrape away as much loose paint as you can, but don’t use a wire brush, as this causes surface scratches and additional areas in which lichens can develop. Shake the paint thoroughly before opening and then stir with a paint stick to ensure a smooth colour. Dip the brush into the paint, wetting the tips only. To paint the whole headstone use a 3-inch brush or larger; if you are looking to paint the lettering only, use a ½ inch, semi-stiff brush.
Apply the paint slowly from top to bottom, using smooth vertical strokes. If you are painting both the body and the letters, paint the body first and allow the paint to dry before you start on the letters. To avoid any smearing, make sure the paint is dry to the touch before you apply a second coat.
You should not attempt to paint a marble headstone. Although it may appear as though the letters have been painted on, the lettering is actually sitting flush with the surface of the stone. When cleaning marble, test an inconspicuous area first as marble is extremely delicate.
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Use a primer/sealer for stone/concrete/brick
ensure surface is dry and is free from dust etc
and outdoor paint should stay on for years
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It should be the cement type so you would use a exterior grade paint for concrete
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Don't paint the gravestone. Paint doesn't stick well to stone, and in a few years it will be all peeled and awful looking. Plus, the managers of the graveyard may not bee too keen on the idea either.

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