Should The Curtains Match The Walls Or The Sofa?


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I think it looks much nicer when the curtains match the sofa.

If the curtains are the same color as the wall, then your living room would probably seem quite drab and oppressive - especially if the walls are dark.

Why Should The Curtains Match The Sofa?
It’s quite simple, really - it’s all about accenting.

Whatever’s on the walls is the main color of the room, and to break this up, you need to “accent” this color with complementary colors.

Let’s say your walls are white and your couch is red. If your curtains are white, then there’ll be too much white in the room, and the red couch will just look strange.

However, if your curtains, sofa, rug and paintings are all red, with the ceiling and walls painted white, then the colors will complement each other. This stops one color from overpowering the other.

You might also want to consider the color of the floor when you’re buying your curtains. Ideally, this color should be different to the walls and furniture. A laminate wooden floor would look quite nice with the red and white I used as an example!
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My guess would be that the curtains should complement the walls but match the if your walls are beige and your couch is chocolate brown, the curtains would be chocolate brown.
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