Wiring Lr22132 1/3 Hp Doerr Motor, The Motor Has 5 Wires Labled One Wire T1 Two Wires T2 And Two Wires T3, How Do I Hook Them Up?


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It's impossible to answer this question without a proper wiring diagram for the Hp Doerr Motor. In order to safely and successfully wire your motor, you will need to obtain this resource. Often, older instruction manuals and diagrams can be found on the internet, or in books stores or machine parts stores.

Once you have the right diagram for your machine, you'll know exactly which wires go in which order. Without a diagram, it's just not safe to do electrical work on your Hp Doerr motor.

  • Search online
If you're determined to get the job done without a diagram, you may want to check out internet message boards for motor enthusiasts. If you look hard enough, you're bound to find someone on the World Wide Web who is knowledgeable enough to guide you through the wiring process without a schematic to work from. However, it may take some time before you can find a skilled expert who is willing to share his or her expertise with you online.

  • Contact the company
Contacting technical support at Hp Doerr Motor can be another great way to get answers. In fact, the company who made your motor is really the best resource for information about its setup and features. If you look online, you can find an official website for almost every company under the sun, and almost all of them feature easy-to-find contact information, so that they can stay in touch with customers from all over the world.

Learning to wire motors takes skill and training; however, some people just have a natural knack for these sorts of tasks. If you know someone who's particularly "handy" with motors and machines, invite them over and ask them to have a look at your motor. Working with another person may be exactly what you need to do to get your motor wired.

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