Do I Water My Lawn After Applying Lime?


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Many people don’t realize that one of the best ways to keep your lawn in the humid weather is by liming it. In certain parts of the United States, rainfall often exceeds 30 inches every year. This huge amount of rainfall leaches the soil from alkaline-forming ions like calcium and magnesium. The grass requires the soil to be rich in magnesium and calcium ions, as without it, growth is restricted and your lawn remains looking malnourished and badly maintained. Liming the soil is the best way to put nutrients back into the soil, either through the use of a drop spreader or a spinner spreader. Make sure that you provide uniform coverage, as the lime is incredibly insoluble and will generally not move once it has been dropped on the lawn.

If you miss any areas of the lawn, then that part of the lawn will not receive the lime, which is important to the neutralization of the acidic soil. Furthermore, regions that are overlapped or have too much lime will have too high a pH level, causing further problems. Applying lime is hence a delicate procedure, and requires a lot of maintenance.

Given the nature of lime, you will want to ensure that you liberally apply water after you apply lime. Apply as much water as you feel necessary, don’t worry about bogging. Without applying a lot of water to the affected areas, you will burn the grass and do more harm than good.

If you have used lime pellets, there is less of a concern, but you will still have to apply enough water for the pellets to actually dissolve.
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Yes, you should liberally water your lawn after applying lime. It will otherwise burn your grass and create brown spots.

If the lime is in pellets there is less of a concern about the burn, but more of a concern about the pellets dissolving, and only water can do that.

Lime powder needs water, and releases alkalines into the soil much quicker, but only with water.

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