How Much Does It Cost To Stain A 20 X 10 Deck 10?


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The average cost of staining a deck yourself is $2 to $3 per square foot if you already have the suitable equipment available. This includes the cost of power washing, purchasing detergent and staining the deck. Assuming that your measurements are in feet, a 20x10 deck is an area of 200 sq feet and would therefore cost you approximately $400 to $600. The more money you are willing to spend on equipment and quality stain, the better the results of your hard work will be.

Choosing to stain a deck helps improve its overall appearance, as well as building up its resistance to bad weather. The first step in staining a deck is to make sure it is as clean as possible. Using a power washer or deck cleaner, the pressure of the water helps get rid of as much dirt and grit as possible. Once this has completely dried, fill a bucket or rolling pan with the colour stain you have selected. When dipping the brush or roller into the stain, make sure you only collect enough to do a few strokes at a time to avoid making the stain patchy. Ensure that the whole deck has been covered evenly and that any dark spots or excess stain have been wiped off carefully with clean rags. To guarantee that the deck is bone dry before putting anything on it, leave the stain to set for at least 24 hours. Try to avoid doing this job in unsuitable weather too, as this can have a very negative effect on the way the stain sets.

If you do not have the equipment available to carry out this task and it would cost you a lot of money to get hold of it, it may be cheaper to hire someone to stain your deck for you.
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I charge $1.50/sq. Ft. To wash and stain a ground level deck and rails, $2.00/ft for an elevated deck that requires a lot of ladder work. So your 200 ft deck would cost $300-$400 plus the cost of stain, 3 gallons @$25=$75.
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You will want to use a pressure washer to clean the wood before staining. If you do not own one they can be rented very reasonably at a tool rental place and some home centers.
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Why don't you just do it yourself?
You would need a few gallons of stain at no more than $30 each. They are probably like $20 each.
A person could do it in about 4 hours or less. That's of course if the deck doesn't need much prep.

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