How Do I Make These Connections In Junction Box?


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I don't think I would try this one myself , I would find a licensed electrician to this work junction boxes can be trickery and if your asking this question for your own junction box I would venture to say play it safe and call an electrician or a local handyman that is certified for this kind of work that can also give you a guarantee of his work if something should go wrong afterwards.
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Here's how. Lets use a process of elimination. Connect all grounds together and maurette. Connect all whites together except the white from the 3-way (C) and maurette. Connect the black from power in (A) to the black from power out(D) and also the white from the 3-way (C) and maurette. Lastly, connect the black from the 3-way (C) to the black from the ceiling fan (B). If the 3-ways are like they were before, all should work okay.
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This one is easy, if you stay methodical. I use a process of elimination as I wire. First, connect all the grounds together and wire nut them. Next, connect all the white wires together, except the white wire from the 3-way (C) and wire nut them. Now for the good stuff, take the black from power in (A) and connect to power out (D), and add the white wire from the 3-way (C), and wire nut them. Lastly, connect black wire from 3-way (C) to the black wire from the ceiling fan, and wire nut together.

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