What Color Do I Paint My Wall If I Have Rust Color Carpet?


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Rust is essentially a red-brown colour, which are fairly dark colours. There is no correct or wrong answer for this as it is all a matter of opinion. There are factors such as lighting etc to consider however, you don’t want to over use these colours in the rest of the room as it could make a room appear dull. By using different shades however, such as pink, you can still keep the warmth of the red continue the idea throughout the room.

You should look at magazines such as ideal home magazine for ideas and examples.

Otherwise, I suggest you start to experiment with opposite colours. Red is one of the three primary colours, the other two of which are blue and yellow. The secondary colours are opposing ones and are green, orange and purple. Green is the opposite of red but as not to clash, stick to paler shades. Purple and orange both go well is used correctly. Again, avoid using strong shades.

To make the room appear more exciting, try painting one wall a slightly different shade or perhaps use patterns somewhere. You can buy stick on patterns if you do not want to use wallpaper. If your carpet is heavy on pattern, avoid using it on the walls.

You should keep in mind the moods that come from the colours. Red is a warm, cosy colour but green is a cooler colour. Using both of these colours should work well if you avoid using dark shades or too much of each.

Essentially, avoid using brown as that will make the room dull, as will using dark shades. I would stick to pale oranges, greens or purples. You should keep in mind the size of the room, the colours and styles of the furniture and most importantly the lighting. Stick to the pale green or orange if there is a lack of natural daylight in the room.

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