What Kind Of Couch Do You Have?


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Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
A reclining sofa, it's blue cloth. Peace
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
I have a simple cloth sofa. It is a blue sofa and I do not know the brand. It can sometimes be uncomfortable(that bar is my back is a nuisance).
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
Mine is dark brown reclining. It leather by the way!!!
Susan Bohl Profile
Susan Bohl answered
I have a beige cloth couch with different colored specks in it.  Very comfy to sleep on, and cuddle on, but it's lousy to sit on.
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terry rossignol
terry rossignol commented
o no!!!!! time for a new one????
Susan Bohl
Susan Bohl commented
No Rossi, it's not that old. The problem is that the cushions slide forward, and when you stand up, you have to push them back, or you're only half on the cushion. It's a pain, you just have to remember to push them back. Kids always forget!!
martha Profile
martha answered
I have a cloth sofa bed. Cream colored background deep red stripes with blue and white roses. 

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