How To Faux Paint A Wall Dark Gold With Streaks Of Color To Look Like Silk Fabric?


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If you have a Home Depot or Lowe's go to the paint center as they have different painting methods such as what you are describing. Usually the paint manufacturer are the ones that will offer the flyer's and it tells you what paint types you need for the effect your looking for; Bear Paint has a technique which sounds very much like your plans and it is refereed to as Belogio Faux. If you go to there web site you can check it out there. I have used it and it comes out very slick. You need to purchase the base paint then the Belagio Faux which is like a sour milk consistency is the best I can describe, you then apply it with a brush in an X pattern, then take a trowel and smooth this over in the X pattern, it is very nice. I believe is the web site.


They actually have another mix that you might really need for your project. It is 24K gold flake that is mixed with the Faux. It is very sharp and not that much more in cost. The Faux paint is the one that really adds the effect and I have gotten many compliments on the Belagio Faux I have done. The instruction are pretty much as I state but when you start you can pretty much make the effects as you would like as it is very adaptable. They say it should be done on a fairly flat surface but I have more rough walls and it gave the effect of a Marble which most people can't believe it is just paint.
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Thanks for the quick answer. I have seen the belagio faux paint but have not tried it. I will go check it out and I will try the bear website as well. I want the streaks to be in a vertical pattern. I wonder if I use your technique with the brush and trowel in a downward motion, fading out the color will produce the effect I am looking for. .
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If you mix joint compound with any paint, you will create YOUR own bellagio paint Trowel it on gently in a a downward x pattern.

I started with a mini roller and put on a slightly darker hue first... In a sporadic pattern, then finished off with the trowel. You can add a top color sparingly and blend in with a rag or sponge.

It is spelled "Behr" paint for the other answer.

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