How Do I Remove Lip Gloss From Clothing?


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pete bradley answered
Rub neat washing up liquid into it ,then a hot wash
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ang answered
I found this at a cleaning site. Hope it helps. GOOP is a great mechanic's hand cleaner.

RE: Lip Gloss Stains - Grease Spots on Clothing
FYI to All. Susan is correct. The mechanic's hand cleaner IS a dollar
or two, and removed lip gloss from my shirt that had been washed and
dried twice. I spent $4 on the cleaner I got, as you also had the
option to get a little bottle with a brush attached on the side, which
I found both appealing and useful. I would never have thought to buy
mechanic's cleaner to remove lip gloss, but it sure worked like a charm
on the first wash! Thank you for saving my favorite shirt Susan, I owe
you one!

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